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0050-503.85, Sensitive/Sealed Referrals/Cases
This policy guide provides information on when a referral or case is considered sealed or sensitive, sensitive case assignment and transfer, who has access to a sensitive case or sealed records, and how the Child Protection Hotline (CPH), Emergency Response Command Post (ERCP), Sensitive Case Unit (SCU), and Regional Offices must deal with sensitive and sealed referrals.
Issued/Last revised 4/26/2022
0070-548.07, Assessing Expectant Parents and Parenting Families of Newborns
This policy guide provides guidelines for assessing the needs and supports of families, including expectant and parenting youth and nonminor dependents (NMDs), during the mother's pregnancy and following the birth of their child. Additionally, this policy provides guidelines for when to make a report to the Child Protection Hotline (CPH) as well as instructions for circumstances when the newborn in not at immediate risk but the family still requires supports and/or services.
Issued/Last revised 5/4/2022
0070-548.13, Investigating Referrals Pursuant to Family Code Section 3027, Probate Code 1513(b), or Welfare and Institutions Code 329
This policy guide provides an overview of the referral process, investigation, and court report writing requirements for referrals generated under Family Code Section 3027, Probate Code Section 1513(b), or Welfare and Institutions Code 329.
Issued/Last revised 1/3/2023
0070-532.10, Assessing Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
This policy guide provides information on how ER CSWs are to assess allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct during an emergency response investigation. Instructions are provided on observing, gathering and assessing evidence.
Issued/Last revised 7/29/2015
0070-537.10, Assessment of Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence
This policy guide provides guidance on how to assess allegations of domestic violence(DV)/intimate partner violence (IPV) and provides instructions on observing, gathering, and assessing evidence during the course of the emergency response investigation.
Issued/Last revised 11/7/2022
0070-521.10, Assessment of Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse
This policy provides CSWs with an overview on observing, gathering, and assessing for drug and/or alcohol use/abuse during an emergency response (ER) investigation and throughout the life of an open case.  
Issued/Last revised 7/27/2023
0070-548.25, Structured Decision Making (SDM) Safety Plans
This policy guide provides guidelines for the development, approval, and monitoring of Structured Decision Making (SDM) Safety Plans.
Issued/Last revised 4/6/2022
0070-506.11, Interviewing Children at School to Investigate a Child Abuse Referral
This policy reviews the process of interviewing a child at school as part of conducting a child abuse investigation.
Issued/Last revised 2/3/2020
0100-535.65, Extended Foster Care: Re-Entry of Nonminor Former Dependents
This policy reviews the re-entry process into extended foster care and non-related legal guardianship extended benefits, including the eligibility criteria that must be met in order to qualify for these services.
Issued/Last revised 8/23/2019
0100-502.50, Family Urgent Response System (FURS)
This policy guide provides information and guidance on the implementation of the Family Urgent Response System (FURS).
Issued/Last revised 12/28/2023
0200-506.20, Grievance Procedures for Denial of Adoption Requests or Withdrawal of Approved Applicant Assessments
This policy guide provides information on what to do when an applicant's request to adopt has been denied or their approval for adoption has been rescinded or withdrawn, including information on grievance review hearings.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0300-318.05, Obtaining Restraining Orders
This is an overview of the different types of restraining orders that can be obtained through Juvenile Dependency Court, Family Law Court, Criminal Court and Civil Court.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0300-303.06, Hospital Holds
This policy guide provides information on determining whether a hospital hold is necessary and how to place a hospital hold.
Issued/Last revised 1/24/2022
1200-500.86, Immigration Options for Undocumented Children and Families
This policy describes programs that may provide immigration relief to undocumented children and families and how to qualify and apply for them.
Issued/Last revised 2/14/2024
0300-306.20, Notice Requirements for Alleged Fathers
This policy guide provides instructions on how to provide notice to any man who is alleged to be the father of a child under the jurisdiction of the Dependency Court.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0300-503.99, Change of Permanent Plan from Legal Guardianship to Adoption
This policy reviews the protocol in situations when a legal guardian decides to pursue adoption.
Issued/Last revised 10/1/2019
0300-506.05, Communication with Attorneys, County Counsel, and Non-DCFS Staff
This policy guide details how to communicate with attorneys, County Counsel and other non-DCFS staff. For information specific to responding to writ petitions and appeals, refer to Communications with County Counsel Regarding a Writ Petition or Appeal.
Issued/Last revised 8/3/2018
0300-503.20, Writing the WIC 366.26 Hearing Report
This policy guide specifies the requirements and procedures for preparing and submitting the WIC Section 366.26 hearing report.
Issued/Last revised 3/23/2018
1200-500.10, Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce)
This policy guide provides information on vital records, such as birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates. It includes how to obtain certificates, register births, how to make corrections or changes to birth certificates, and how to get documents notarized.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0600-501.09, Consent for Mental Health and/or Developmental Assessments and Services
This policy guide provides information on obtaining consent for mental health and/or developmental (Regional Center) assessments and services, including steps to take when consent is declined or unavailable, and steps to take when a child/youth refuses services.
Issued/Last revised 5/12/2015