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0050-504.05, Referral Assignment Criteria
This policy provides the Child Protection Hotline (CPH) staff guidelines on how to determine a referral name, establish the service address for a referral, and map the referral to the appropriate regional office for assignment. 
Issued/Last revised 6/16/2022
0070-548.07, Assessing Expectant Parents and Parenting Families of Newborns
This policy guide provides guidelines for assessing the needs and supports of families, including expectant and parenting youth and nonminor dependents (NMDs), during the mother's pregnancy and following the birth of their child. Additionally, this policy provides guidelines for when to make a report to the Child Protection Hotline (CPH) as well as instructions for circumstances when the newborn in not at immediate risk but the family still requires supports and/or services.
Issued/Last revised 5/4/2022
0070-548.30 , Bringing Families Home
This policy guide provides information on the criteria for the Bringing Families Home Program and the referral process for families receiving services from the Department.
Issued/Last revised 6/30/2023
0070-532.10, Assessing Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse
This policy guide provides information on how ER CSWs are to assess allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct during an emergency response investigation. Instructions are provided on observing, gathering and assessing evidence.
Issued/Last revised 7/29/2015
0070-516.10, Assessing a Child's Development & Referring to a Regional Center
This Policy provides staff with guidelines for assessing a child’s development and well-being, and the process for referring to and collaborating with a Regional Center.
Issued/Last revised 6/24/2016
0080-503.00, Contacts with the Child Support Services Department (CSSD)
This policy guide helps determine whether DCFS should make a referral to the local child support agency for child support services when a family is receiving child welfare services. It also provides information on the Compromise of Assigned Arrears-Family Reunification Program (COA-FR).
Issued/Last revised 12/1/2023
0080-502.10, Case Plans
This policy provides an overview of the process for creating an Initial Case Plan and a Case Plan update.
Issued/Last revised 3/19/2021
0100-510.50, Children in Group Home Care
This policy guide outlines the steps to take when placing a child six (6) years old or younger in group home care and the group home assessment requirement for children/youth residing in group home care longer than one year.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0100-570.10, Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC)
This procedural guide provides information regarding the Intensive Services Foster Care (ISFC) mental health program. This policy describes the program, eligibility criteria, and the referral process.
Issued/Last revised 8/19/2020
0100-520.35, Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment (Kin-GAP) Program
This policy guide provides guidelines around the Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment (Kin-GAP) Program, including eligibility requirements, rates and benefits information.
Issued/Last revised 4/20/2016
0100-510.25, Placement in Emergency Shelter Care
This policy guide sets forth procedures for the limited use of emergency shelter care placements.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
1200-500.40, Respite Care Services
This policy guide describes the eligibility requirements and responsibilities for primary caregivers requesting respite care and outlines the procedure for approving respite care requests and processing service payment requests.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0100-510.61, Placement Responsibilities
This policy guide provides instructions for CSWs when placing or replacing a child/nonminor dependent (NMD) in out-of-home care (OHC).  This includes placing a child/NMD after Court terminates jurisdiction.
Issued/Last revised 3/3/2022
0200-506.20, Grievance Procedures for Denial of Adoption Requests or Withdrawal of Approved Applicant Assessments
This policy guide provides information on what to do when an applicant's request to adopt has been denied or their approval for adoption has been rescinded or withdrawn, including information on grievance review hearings.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0200-508.25, Filing, Revoking, and Rescinding a Relinquishment
This policy guide provides information and guidelines on how to file, revoke, and rescind a relinquishment document.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0300-306.27, Out of County Personal Service
This policy guide provides guidance on how to personal service to parents residing out-of-county in the state of California.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0300-503.35, Pre-Release Investigation Report
This policy guide outlines the required actions following a court order for a Pre-Release Investigation Report (PRI) and steps for completing a PRI.
Issued/Last revised 7/29/2015
0300-503.50, Progress and Supplemental Reports
This policy guide outlines procedures for completing and submitting progress and supplemental reports.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014
0300-506.05, Communication with Attorneys, County Counsel, and Non-DCFS Staff
This policy guide details how to communicate with attorneys, County Counsel and other non-DCFS staff. For information specific to responding to writ petitions and appeals, refer to Communications with County Counsel Regarding a Writ Petition or Appeal.
Issued/Last revised 8/3/2018
0300-503.97, Notice of Replacement Report
This policy guide provides instruction on when and how to file a notice of replacement report for children/youth that are replaced.
Issued/Last revised 7/1/2014